amodrule_2 Strategic Planning

The process of guiding members of an organization, department or team to envision the future and develop the necessary plan to get there.

Organizational and Environmental Scans

  • Identifies the internal and external driving forces that have significant influence and effect on the organization

Vision and Mission setting
  • Vision is a statement focused on the future.  (The future perfect state)
  • Mission is the reason for the organization to be.  (It is the purpose or focus.)

Core Analysis
  • People:  The interactions that can occur among the individuals in the organization
  • Process:  How the organization gets its work done to create value for customers.
  • Culture:  Values, behaviors and symbols that influence individual and group behavior, learning and goal achievement
  • Structure:  The way work is organized and controlled, reporting relationships, job tasks, physical work environment and human-technical interface.
  • Technology:  The tools, techniques and knowledge used to transform raw resources into finished goods
  • Products and Services:  Deliverables to the market

Strategies & Action Planning
  • Goals:  Desired future outcome for a designated time in the future
  • Objectives:  Steps to achieve the goals
  • Tasks:  The specifics of the steps to achieve the objectives
  • Assignments:  Person(s) responsible to achieve the goals, objectives and tasks
  • Timelines:  Timeframe in which to achieve the goals, objectives and tasks

Measuring Results
  • The evaluation criteria used to determine if the goal, objective or task has been successfully achieved.