amodrule_1 Organizational Performance

Organizational performance is a set of methods and procedures, and a strategy for solving problems, realizing opportunities related to the performance of people in the organization. It can be applied to individuals, small groups, and large organizations.

Performance Analysis:
Examine the organization's performance requirements including its objectives and its capabilities and identification of the current or anticipated deficiencies in workforce performance or competence.

  • Comparison of desired (and competencies and abilities of the workforce that are necessary to carry out the organization's strategy and achieve its mission) and actual state (level of workforce competence and ability as it currently exists) of the workforce.
  • Identify the performance gap (difference between desired and actual states). It represents a current or anticipated performance problem to be solved, or an opportunity for performance improvement.
  • Close or eliminate this gap in the most cost-effective manner.
Cause Analysis
Cause analysis identifies specific factors that contribute to the performance gap.

Intervention Selection and Design
  • Involves a systematic, comprehensive, and integrated response to performance problems and their causes as well as to performance improvement opportunities.
  • Consideration to change management issues to ensure acceptance at all organizational levels.
  • Evaluation of changes provides new data for the ongoing performance analysis process.